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Wazifa to Solve Marriage Proposal Problems

Wazifa to Solve Marriage Proposal Problems


Zyda tar ya ho rha hai aj kal k larki ho ya lrka shadi krni ho to boht sary masayl peda ho jaty han jha dosary masayl peda hoty han wha ya masla sab say bara hota hai h rishty to biht aty han magr log a k lrki ya lrky ko dakh k chlay jaty so nukas nikal k rejaect kr dty jo k boht galt bat hai ur waldeen k lea preshani ka b baass hai is masly k hall k lea ap ya wazifa kry .

Marriage Proposal Problems WAZIFA

surah AL BAQRA AYYAT # 1 say 5 tak 101 bar parhy 21 din tak ur allah say apni shadi k lea  dua kry.


Mostly where other problems is occurs where marriage is a big problem now a days . Many people comes and you see and come back and response is that they reject you . parents are so much worried especially  about girls . Now you do this verses and get a good life partner .

Marriage Proposal Problems WAZIFA 

RECITE AYYAT # 1 TO 5 SURAH BAQRA 101 TIMES TILL 21 DAYS and pry to allah .

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