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Wazifa to Make Someone Obey You

Wazifa to Make Someone Obey You


If you have some very important work with your boss, or officer, or minister or any powerful person. And you think that that person may deny you and will not agree to do your work. Your children are very naughty and not listen to you. Wife is also making problems, and she also doesnt listen to you. Then  do this Wazifa to Make Someone Obey You.

Do Ablution and then recite Surah Tauba 11 times. And blow on your hands and touch your hands to your whole face. Then go in front of that person and ask him to do your work, he will do it,


Ager aap ko koi bohet iaham kaam hai apney boss sey ya afsar sey ya hakim sey ya kisi wazeer sey. Aur ap samajhtey han k ager aap us ko kaam ka kahen gey tu wo shayed mana kerdey. Ya aap ka kaam na karey tu ap ye Wazifa to Make Someone Obey You wazifa karen,

Taza wazu ker k Surah Tauba ko 11 bar parhen, phir apney hathon per dam ker ke haath apney chehrey per phair len, aur phir sidha us k samney jain aur usey apna kaam kahen , in shaa Allah wo aap ka kaam zaroro karey ga,

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I am Hanfi, people call me Bhai Hanfi, a Muslim Spiritual Healer of Pakistan. I am an author, educator, and spiritual guide provider for millions of people throughout the world.
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