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Wazifa for Child not Drinking Mother Milk

Child not Drinking Mother Milk


A mother was in great tension when her child is denied to drink her milk. It is also a tension because her child becomes weak. We all are aware that this makes bones strong by this natural milk. This milk is a rich source of vitamin D, protein and calcium. Vitamin D deficiency causes rickets in which child dvelop abnormal size of bones.

The nerve and muscles illness also the disorder of this deficiency. For infants milk play vital role for source of protein and energy in short it is very necessary for children. Some times mother has less milk so she should do this Wazifa to Increase Mother Milk. This is problem due to deficiency of perfect diet. Sometimes this become problem for mother when her child do not drink milk if you have same problem and your child feel bad in drinking milk and you  worried about his health then do this wazifa.

Wazifa for Child not Drinking Mother Milk

First do fresh ablution then read darood 11 times then read Ya Mateenu 500 times after that agin recite darood 11 times and blow on child. Continue it for 21 days by the grace of Almighty Allah your kid start to take milk.


Aik pidashi bachy k liys maa ka doodh bahout hi zaroori cheez hai kioun keh es mein kafi miqdar mein vitamin D, Protein aur Calcium paya jata hi jis sy bacha seht mand aor taqatwar rehata hai. Aor agar bacha doodh hi na pi raha ho tu phir bari sakhat pershani hoti hai keh ab tu bacha kamzoor or bemar ho jay ga. Maa ka dood na peny sy bachey ki hadiya bhi kamzoor ho jati hein kioun keh hadioun ki nashonuma k liya vitamin D bahout zaroori hai. Ager maa ka doodh kam ata ho tu Wazifa to Increase Mother Milk karen. Yeh wazifa karny sy app ka bacha bhi maa ka doodh pina shorouh kar day ga.

Wazifa for Child not Drinking Mother Milk

Ba wazu ho kar 11 bar darood Ibrahami parheen, phir 500 bar YA MATEENU parhen, aor akhr per phir 11 bar darood ibrahmi parheen aor sathe hi bachy per dam kar dein. Yad rakhen es aml ko 21 din tak jari rakhen. Inshallah pershani dour ho gay gi aor bach dood piney lagy ga.

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