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Wazaif and Nawafil for Shab e Barat

Shab e Barat dua

This year 2017  Shab e Barat will be on Thursday 11 May. Basically this is a night between 14 and 15 Shaban, that means the Full Moon day. It is interpreted as a night when the fortunes of men for the next year are determined and when Allah may pardon sinners. In a few regions, this is furthermore a night when Allah forgive dead relative of the people.

Wazifa for Forgiveness at  Shab e Barat:

After Asr prayer on 14th of Shaban at the time of sun setting. Recite this Dua 40 times, in shaa Allah, Allah will forgive his/her 40 years sins.

Shab e Barat Salat for Rizq:

At this night pray 2 rakat nafil salat. In each rakat after surah fatiha recite Ayetul Kursi 1 time and Surah Ikhlas 15 times. Then after prayer recite Darood 100 times ( recite any darood). Now pray to Allah for increase of rizq. In shaa Allah within day rizq will increase.

70 Needs in this world and 70 needs hereafter:

If someone recite Surah Dukhan 7 times in this night. In shaa Allah Allah will fulfill his / her 70 needs in this world and 70 hereafter.

Wazifa for Safety from Indigence Muhtaji

Powerful Wazifa to Get What You Want

Wazifa for all Works, Hajat, Wish

After Maghrib salat pray 6 Nafil extra:

After Maghrib prayer on 14th of Shaban, pray 6 rakat nafil in the set of 2 rakat each. The intention of the first two is for “the long pious life”,the second two is for “being safe from the calamities and misfortunes” and the third two is “for the incrememt of rizq”. After every two rakat, recite  Surah Yaseen 1 time and at the end Dua of Shaban 1 time.

Safety from the punishment in the graveyard:

Pray 8 rakat Nafil salat with set of 4 rakat each at Shab e Barat. In each rakat after surah fatiha, recite surah ikhlas 10 times. In shaa Allah countless angels will safe you from the punishment in the grave.

Forgiveness from Sins:

At shab e barat if someone pray 8 rakat of Nafil salat in the set of 2 rakat each. In each rakat after surah fatiha recite surah Qadr 1 time and surah ikhlas 25 times. In shaa Allah, Allah will forgive his / her all sins.

Any Dua of this world or hereafter accepted:

Pray 14 rakat salat in the set of 2 rakat each at Shab e Barat. In each rakat after Surah Fatiha recite Surah Kafirron 1 time Surah Ikhlas 1 time, Surah Falaq 1 times Surah Naas 1 times. After salam Ayetul Kursi 1 time and then recite last 3 ayet of Surah Touba from’laqad ja’akum rasoolum to Azeem”. Do the same process in all 8 rakat. Whatever he or she will ask, Allah will bestow, In shaa Allah.

Allah will not forgive following people at this night:

This is a grate night and Allah will forgive as many people in this night as many hairs of the Goats of the Bani Kalab. But there are some people who will not be forgiven and they are Idolater, drinker, adulterer, prostitute, the breaker of family ties, bearing of malice, the disobedient to his parents, backbitter, who practices magic, who eat interest are not forgiven unless they make Tauba [repentance]. And ask for forgiveness from fellow muslims.


Rasullah salallahu alaihi wassallam said: Worship in the fifteenth night of Shaban and fast the following day. Because Allah descends to the lowest heaven from sun set till dawn. He says ”Will anyone ask, that his request may be granted?”, ”Will anyone seeks forgiveness, that he may be forgiven?” [IBN-e-MAJAH,VOL :1,P:99]

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