Types of Taweez and When to Write a Taweez

types of taweez

Before writing a taweez one should know the Types of Taweez, how to write it and when to write it. Most of the people write taweez and when they fail to achieve the target. They think that taweez is not working or its a fake taweez, remember. If you follow the rules of taweez then it will work 100%.

While writing a taweez one should be in the state or wadu (ablution). With neat and clear cloth, no talking during writing, and Na Mehram (One with whom marriage is allowed) must not be near.

According to problems, and the effects of  Taweez, they are divided in 4 types.

  1. Atishi                   (fiery)
  2. Baadi                   (swelly)
  3. Aabi                     (Watery)
  4. Khaaki               (Sandy)

1. Atshi:

This Types of Taweez  is derived from word Atish means Fire, It is used to conquer the superiors and bosses, ban the dreams, and to get wealth from unseen, or fulfill wishes by the help on unseen, and spell doom for one’s enemy, either by killing him or by making him sick or by simply annihilating him.

While writing these kind of taweez one should sir facing East and sit on one thigh, folded leg, and keep fire near him.

2. Baadi

This Types of Taweez is derived from word Baad means swell, It is used for love and to control the mind of any person, to get victory, make one’s desires come true, for growth, progress, enhanced sustenance, high status.

While writing these kind of taweez sit facing West, and put paper on the right thigh.

3. Aabi

This Types of Taweez is derived from word Aab means water, It is used to free a prisoner and safety and get rid of problems, to get love, cure from illnesses, to get relief from pain, for painless child birth.

While writing these taweez one should sit facing North, and should sit near a river, sea, lake or well, or if sit in the water and write taweez then it will be better.

4. Khaaki

This Types of Taweez is derived from word Khaak means dust. It is used for enemies, to kill them, to destroy them, and to harm them, to make the enemy tongue-tied, block his dreams, to cast spells on the enemy, blocking the sexual urges of males and females.

While writing these kind of taweez one should sit facing South, and sit on one thigh, and should be alone in the room or at the place.

Times to Write a Taweez:

  1. Should Write Taweez in the morning for Love, success, growth, wealth, job, to conquer, help from unseen, get rid of problems, get rid of prison,
  2. Write taweez a little before 12:00am, for health and diseases.
  3. Write between 14:00 to 16:00, for hatred, enemy, destroy enemy, band on the person,
  4.  Write it between 14:00 to 17:00 for putting hatred between two people, killing enemy, and capturing thief.
  5. Write taweez after 18:00 for your safety, respect among others, calm down the opposition,
  6. Also keep in mind that taweez for love and success etc, should be written between the moon dates of 1st and 15 , and taweez for enemies, or hatred,  should be written betwwen the moon dates of 15th and 30th.

The best Planetary times to write the Taweez:

The planetary hours is an ancient astrological system of Chaldean request of the planets. This is the succession:

Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, then rehashing interminably Saturn, Jupiter, etc.

The planetary hours utilize the Chaldean request to separation time. Each planetary hour of the planetary day is managed by an alternate planet. The planet that guidelines the main hour of the day is additionally the leader of the entire day and gives the day its name. Subsequently the first hour of Sunday is managed by the Sun, the first hour of Monday is led by the Moon.

In any case, planetary hours are not the same as the hour long hours that we use for ordinary time-keeping. The day is part into two periods, daytime and night time. Dawn to dusk is considered daytime. Nightfall to dawn of the following day is evening time. At that point these two periods are each isolated into twelve equivalent length hours, which are the planetary hours. The planetary hours of the day and the planetary hours of the night will be of various lengths aside from on the Equinoxes, when light and murkiness are adjusted.

Each planetary hour is connected with a planet. These can be utilized to adjust a taweez or wazifa working. This is one stage up from performing taweez or wazifa on the day managed by the planet most appropriate for the objective. This will give you a particular hour to work the taaweez and wazifa.

Following is the list where you can find that which planetary hour is best to write a taweez for a particular objective.

Qamar (Moon): Feminine, changes, emotions, secrets, dealing with women.
Mareekh (Mars): Enthusiasm, energy, passion, protection, competition, anything requiring aggression or determination.
Atarad (Mercury): Law, education, travel, thinking, communications, dealing with siblings, medical.
Mishtari (Jupiter): Increase (be careful what you ask for, you will get it in LARGE measure!) good luck, gambling, speculation, merciful, long distance travel.
Zehra (Venus): Love, luxury, beauty, decorating, shopping for romantic or creative things, pleasure.
Zahul (Saturn): Long term stuff, career, institutions (such as prisons, hospitals marriage), investments, lords of Karma, good day for a reversal spell.
Shams (Sun): Wishes, success, happiness, diseases, all-purpose, no secretive work on Sunday.

Bakhoors of the Stars:

If during writing a taweez one burn bhakhoor of the related star of the planetary hour , it will increase the power of taweez.

following is the list of bakhoors and their related stars.

Qamar (Moon):         Kafoor(Camphor), Shahed (Honey), Ood(Thuringite)
Mareekh (Mars):      Ood(Thuringite), Loban(Frankincense)
Atarad (Mercury):   Kafoor(Camphor), Sandal(Sandalwood), Surkh Long (Red Cloves)
Mishtari (Jupiter):  Ood(Thuringite), Sorkh Sandal(Red Sandalwood),                 Mushk(Musk), Kafoor(Camphor), Deysi Shakar(Brown Sugar),
Zehra (Venus):          sofaid Sandal(white Sandalwood),  Kafoor(Camphor), Amber( resin),
Zahul (Saturn):         Loban(Frankincense), Serson (Mustard leaves),
Shams (Sun):             Ood(Thuringite), Mushk(Musk), daarchini(Cinnamon)


The Names of Taweez and How to Write it

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