The Names of Taweez and How to Write it

The Names of Taweez and How to Write it

There are various sorts of Taweez. There is one kind which comprises of composing Verses of the Quran on a bit of paper or other material. Little floor coverings are accessible which have the Ayat ul Kursi (Quran: Chapter 2, Al Baqara, Verse 255) on them. On the other hand the Ayat ul Kursi is imprinted in lovely Arabic calligraphy and encircled as a photo. However another frame is accessible where it is formed in plastic with a clock fitted inside this plastic.

But Most Taweez comprise of a substantial square or rectangle which is further partitioned into little squares. Every little square has either a part of a Verse from the Quran written in Arabic or on the other hand, a Verse, or Verses from the Quran which are changed over into there Abjad numerical esteem and the total acquired is controlled unquestionably. The outcome is the underlying beginning “number” which is utilized to fill the little squares. This “number” is expanded as suitable and that second “number” is utilized to fill the second square. Etc.

What is a Taweez or Amulet

There is a succession in which the squares are filled. They are not typically filled right to left and start to finish. But when you total all the numbers on one row or column from left to right or right to left or top to bottom to bottom to top they are equal. as you can see in the following example:

Example :


If you calculate vertically, horizontally or diagonally the sum or the number are same, it means which ever taweez is made it’s total must be same at all side. Taweez must be written in the given sequence which is indicated by the numbers,

Following are the names of Taweez

Musallas (Triangle):  


It has 9 squares, 3 X 3,

The Names of Taweez Murabba (Squar):

murabba taweez

It has 16 squares , 4 x 4

The Names of Taweez Makhmas (Pentagonal ):

makhmas taweez

It has 25 Square, 5 x 5

The Names of Taweez Musaddas ( Hexagonal ):

musaddas taweez

It has 36 squares, 6 x 6

The Names of Taweez Masbaa ( Heptagonal ):

masbaa taweez

It has 49 squares, 7 x 7

The Names of Taweez Shaman ( Octagonal ):

shaman taweez

It has 64 squares, 8 x 8

The Names of Taweez Mantaa ( Nonagonal ):

mantaa taweez

It has 81 squares, 9 x 9

The Names of Taweez Maashar ( decahedronal ) :

maashar taweez

It has 100 squares, 10 x 10

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