Terminologies and Their Meanings

bhai hanfi terminologies

Every field has some special  words or phrases which people of that field use to explain it. Same as wazaif or tweezat fields. It is very important to know these Terminologies and Their Meanings not only for the students of wazaif and taweezat but also for public so that they can get more benefits of wazaif and taweezat.


ilm ul adad ( Numerology): To write taweez or fill a naqsh in a particuler way with words or numbers.

Abjad ( Alphabetization ): In Abjad each alphabet given a number for Numerology calculations.

Abjad Qamri ( Lunar Alphabetization ): This type of alphabet base on the timing of Moon. This is the most used method to calculates names or will taweez or naqsh. Below is a chart or Abjad Qamri.

abjad qamari bhai hanfi Terminologies

Abjad Shamsi (Solar Alphabetization): This type of alphabets base on the timing of Sun, It is a really used method. Below is a chart or Abjab Samsi.

abad shamsi Terminologies

and this is the combine chart to see the differences,

combine chart of numerlogy Terminologies


Burj ( Zodiac Signs ): This means house and master or numerologies has created 12 Burj in sky. These are twelve equal divisions or signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces).

Najoom (Astrologica): This is plural of Jajam which means star, in this we calculate the movement of stars.

Taley (          ) : To calculate the Burj of a person.

Talib ( Seeker ): Talib means lover or some one who wants some thing.

Matloob ( Desired ): Matloob is the person whom Talib loves, desire to get him/her.

Sir Ism (First Name):  This is the first name of a person,

Aamil ( Master ): He / She is the Master of Wazaif and Taweezat.

Tasawor (imagine):  Imagine something with close eyes.

Attaryat ( Nonalcoholic perfumes): These are non alcoholic perfumes to prepare wazaif or taweez.

Bakhoorat (  Scented Bricks ): Bakhoorat are scented bricks which are burned during some especial wazifa or making taweez, each burj has its own Bakhoor.

Hisaar ( Safety Circle ): This is a safety circle which an Amil create before doing wazifa or making taweez. It consist of, Surah Fatiha , Syet ul kursi, and all 4 Qulls , recited 3 times and blown in a circle form ar

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