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Taweez to Get Rid of Poverty

Taweez to Get Rid of Poverty


Human can work hard to remove poverty but it need more efforts and sources. Taweez to Get Rid of Poverty is for those who trying very hard but still unable to get rid of poverty. If a person doesn’t have sources he will remain poor for ever. So for such people who think that they dont have enough sources to get rid of poverty her is the taweez.

Taweez to Get Rid of Poverty

Print this taweez and fold it as taweez and keep with you for 4 Month. Recite Ya Wasiyo 100 times. After ajar salat and 100 times after isha salat. for 4 months. Then put this taweez inside the main door entrance. Inshallah very soon your poverty will decrease and there will be increase in your wealth.

Powerful Taweez for Gain in Business


Ghorbat ko dor kerney k liye insan ko bohet mehnat kerna parti hai lakin mehnat k sath sath wazail ka hona vhi zarori hai us k bina sari mehnat beykar hai, ager koi ye samjhta hai k us k pas wazail nahi hain tu wo apni ghurbat ko dor kerney k liye ye taweez karey,

Taweez to Get Rid of Poverty

is taweez ko print ker k taweez bana ker apney pass rakhen, 4 maheyney, is k sath fajar aur isha k b aad 100, 100 bar Ya Wasiyo phr ker dua karen, 4 mah baad is taweez ko utar ker apney gher k main darwazey men ander ki tarf rakh den, in shaa Allah jald hi rizq kushada hoga, aur ghrbat ka khatma hoga,

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I am Hanfi, people call me Bhai Hanfi, a Muslim Spiritual Healer of Pakistan. I am an author, educator, and spiritual guide provider for millions of people throughout the world.
By the Grace of Almighty Allah hundreds of people getting spiritual healing and cure of BLACK MAGIC (KALA JADU, SIFLI), EVIL EYE (NAZAR-E-BAD), DEMON’S EFFECTS (ASAIB), ASTRAL BODY ATTACKS (HAMZAAD), MENTAL PHYSICAL DISEASE every month through the different alternative methods, like Recitation (wazaifs), Talisman (Taweezaat) and other methodologies to the people of different race and religion.


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