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Taweez for Enemies Can be Used as Antidote

Taweez for Enemies getislamicwazifa


Why wait to attack on your enemies when you have Taweez for Enemies. This taweez can be used as antidote. When you have so many enemies and limited resources to safeguard yourself from your enemies then make this taweez and put it in your hat or wear it in neck or tie on your right arm. None of enemy will be able to defeat you.

Taweez for Enemies

On Saturday in the time of Mercury do fresh wadu (ablution). Then sit on prayer mate and recite Surah Nasr 1001 times with Darood Ibrahimi 11, times before and 11 times after. Now make this above mentioned Taweez for Enemies on a yellow cloth, any cloth silk cotton etc.   Put this taweez in your hat and in shaa Allah none of enemy will be able to defeat you.

If you write Naqash of Surah Jinn on the other side of the cloth. Then this will also save you from any sort of demonic problems from occult.

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Dushman per hmley ka inteyzar kiyon karen jab aap k pass Taweez for Enemies mojod hai. Ye taweez hifzey mataqadam k tor per isteymal kiya jasakta hai. Matlab ager aap ka koi dushman nahi tu bhi aap isey use kersaktey han. Ager aap k bohet sarey dushman hain aur aap un ka muqabla nahi ker parahey. Ya apni hifazat k liye zaraye nahi hain aap k pass, ya dushman zada taqatwor hain. Tu ye taweez banain aur isey apni topi men rakhen, galey men pehnain ya bazu per bandhen. in shaa Allah dushman aap ko koi nuqsan nahi pohncha sakey ga.

Taweez for Enemies

Saturday ko Mareekh ki saat men taza wazu karen. Phir jaye namaz per baith ker awal o akhir 11, 11 bar Darood Ibrahimi k sath 1001 bar Surah Nasr phrhen. Is k baad piley color k kaprey per, kapra koi sa bhi ho silk, cotton waghera, aam pen sey Taweez for Enemies jo oper diya gaya hai wo likhen. Phir is kaprey ko apni topi men rakh len. In shaa Allah dushman aap ko koi nuqsan nahi pohncha sakey ga.


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