Enemy Wazifa

Summun Bukmun Umyun Fahum Layarjiun

summun bukmun umyun fahum layarjiun


This is one of the most powerful wazifa to make some one stop talking. Means if some one becomes your enemy no matter whats ever the reason is. Now you want to get rid of this enemy then reciting Summun Bukmun Umyun Fahum Layarjiun will make him go away.

If we see this ayet in details word by word then we can better understand it.

Summun – (Deaf; hard of hearing; inattentive). Means they will become deaf no matter they listen or not but they are like a deaf person.

Bukmun – (Dumb; speechless; mute). It does not mean that they can not speak. It means they will stop backbiting or talking bad about you. or even they can speak but they will not speak.

Umyun –    (Blind; unable to see) It means they will become blind. They have eyes , they can see everything but they become blind, they can not see you.

Summun Bukmun Umyun Fahum Layarjiun

For your enemies recite this ayet 41 times after every salat and imagine your enemy and blow on him. do this 7 days in shaa Allah with 1 day you see start chagings.


Ye ek bohet hi zabardast wazifa hai kisi ki bhi zuban band kerney k liye. Matlab ager koi aap ki burai kerta hai. Aap sey dushamni kerta hai, iszt abru k dushamn ban gaya hai. Tu ye Summun Bukmun Umyun Fahum Layarjiun ka wazifa us ki na sairf zaban band kerdeyga bulkey usey andha aur behra bhi kerdey ga.

Kiyon k ager aap is wazifey k alfaz ko alg alg deykhen tu aap ki samajh men ajaye ga.

Summun – (Behra; Mushkil sey sunney wala). Is ka matlab hai k kaan hotey hoye bhi sun nahi sakta. Matlab wo bilkul behron jeysa hojata hai.

Bukmun – (Gonga; mushkil sey bolney wala). Is ka matlab ye nahi hai k wo bilkul gonga hojaye ga. Bulkey is ka matlab hai k wo gungon jeysa hojata hai, kuch nahi bol sakta. zuban band hojati hai.

Umyun –    (Andha, Dekh nahi sakta) Is ka matlab hota hai k ankhen hotey bhoye bhi deykh nahi sakta.

summun bukmun umyun fahum layarjiun

Ager aap ka koi dushman hai tu us k liye her namaz k baad 41 bar ye ayet phr ker us ka tasawor ker k dam karen. Ye amal 7 din kerna hai, In shaa Allah pehley din sey hi farq nazar ana shoro hojaye ga.

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I am Hanfi, people call me Bhai Hanfi, a Muslim Spiritual Healer of Pakistan. I am an author, educator, and spiritual guide provider for millions of people throughout the world.
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      • thanks for your reply sir. i know that on your site permission not required ;but in general i want to know why permission given or required in waziafs ?any spiritual reasons for that?
        actually i am interested in the science/ methodology behind this great knowledge ILIM, NOORI ILIM. people said that this knowledge is from HAZRAT ALI (RA). please share with us.
        how wazifa works?
        how taweez works?
        no much true knowledge available on internet
        jazak ALLAH

        • Nice to hear that you are interested to know the methodology of this ilm. I am writing some articles about it will upload soon. But about permission I can tell you right now. There are some wazaif in which some special instruction included,m like wearing same dress every day during wazifa. Not to eat some specific things like onion. so in these type of wazaif permission required. Or in separation or destroying enemy type wazaif required permission other wise it may back fire and could harm the person who is doing wazifa.

  • sir g app ko kahan sa wazifay miltay hain? puranay kutab, jinnat, khawabs
    koye amal batain jinnat saw dosti wala. woh hamaray jiaz kam karain.
    please tell us. kia jinnat dosti amal is real or just fake stories on net.?

  • Kia miyan biwi k darmiyan koi teesra dushman ban rhha ho jaisy miyan ka dheyan dusri aurat ki tarf ho usk liue bhe ye perha jaye

  • Assalam o alikum sir mujy 1 larka bht tang kr raha hai mri jan ni chor raha na mri khain shadi hony de raha hai plz sir koi wazifa batin jis se wo mri jan chor de kr mri zindagi se dor chala jaye. Plz sir help me

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