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Simple and Easy Dua for Rizq Wealth

Easy Dua for Rizq and wealth


We need two things in this world. One is our Rizq and second is prayers acceptance. With the help of Simple and Easy Dua for Rizq We can get Rizq and wealth. We struggle throughout life for getting these two things. Not almost every person is able to get each and everything in their life. Some people may get wealth in their life but not acceptance of all desires that they want to get in their life. And some people get acceptance of dua but not wealth. But Acceptance of dua is more important then fulfilling the wishes.

Easy Dua for Rizq:

This is clearly mentioned in Hadees that if somebody recite mentioned ayat no 25 or 27 times daily. Allah will make him ‘Mustajab Ud Dawat’ it means Allah accept his all prayer and give Risk by reciting this dua.

Easy Dua for Rizq

“Allahumm Maghfirlil Momineena wal mominaati wal muslemeena wal muslimaati ”

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Risk aur dua ki kabooleat dunia mai her shaks ko her hal main chahiy. Her insane ki kosish hoti ha ky wo ya hasil kery laken bhot sy log ic main nakaam ho jaty hain. Easy Dua for Rizq asey hi logon k liye hai. Ho skta ha kuch log dolat hasil kerny main kamiab ho jaty hon laken dua ki kabooleat ky liy bhoot zada mehnat kerni parte ha jo ky aam insane ky bas ki baat nai. Aur asey bhi log hain jin ki dua qabool ker li jati hai lakin un k pass doulat nahi hoti. Lakin qabooliyet dua zada behter hai ba nisbat doulat k.

Easy Dua for Rizq:

Hadees ky mafhoom ky mutabik job he insan ya ayat 25 ya 27 dafa pary ga Allah usy ‘Mustajab Ud Dawat’ bana dy ga matlb wo shaks job he dua mangy ga us ki dua kabool ho ge aur us shaks ki barkat sy baki logon ko bhe risk mily ga to ap khud soch skty hain khud parny waly ko kitna risk mily ga.


“Allahumm Maghfirlil Momineena wal mominaati wal muslemeena wal muslimaati “

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