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Ruqyah Remedy For Sugar Diabetes

Ruqyah Remedy For Sugar Diabetes


If you are patient of diabetes then with the help of Ruqyah Remedy For Sugar Diabetes you can overcome this disease in 11 days in shaa Allah.

Ruqyah Remedy For Sugar Diabetes

Do this with 5 namaz

Take a glass of water place it in front of you and pray fajar namaz after completion recite darood Ibrahim 3 times then recite surah yasin ayet no 58 then again recite darood ibrahim 3 times blow on water and drink this water whole glass.

Then write the above recited ayet on a blank page with ink having no alcohol. Dip this in water ful bottle and use it throughout the day. If water is less add more water in it. Only drink this water whole the day. Next day you have to repeat the same process writes it gain in a new page and add in bottle. The already present paper remained in bottle. When the wazifa become end bury all the papers in a place where nobody lived. Or throw this in moving water after hanging with stone. Continue it for 11 days you diseases become vanished permanently inshAllah.

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Agar app sugar jesi mohlik maraz ka shikar hein tu yeh Ruqyah Remedy For Sugar Diabetes 11 din tak lagatar kareen Inshallah Sehatmand ho jay gay.

Ruqyah Remedy For Sugar Diabetes

5 waqat Nimaz ko baqadagi sy apni zindagi ka hisa banen.

Har roaz Fajar ki nimaz sy pehlay aik glass pani lein aor rakh dein phir Nimaz fajar ada kareen aor darood ibrahami 3 bar parheen phir Surah Yasin Ayet no 58
“salamun kolum min rabbir rehim” 100 times

Phir 3 bar Darood ibrahami parher kar pani per dam kar k pora pi lein.

Aik saf suthra khagz ka tukra lein us per yehi ayat likh kar aik botal mein dal kar pani sy bhar lein aor sara din yehi pani istimal kareen agar pani kam par jay tu upar sy aor pani mila lein, khas khiyal rahy sirf yehi hi pani pina hai.

Her new kaghaz per yeh ayat likhni hai aor phaly wali botal k andar hi rehany dani hai. Jab wazifa pora ho jay tu es botal ko kahen aesi jagha dafan kar dien jahan koi na jata ho ya phir saf pani men baha dein.

Yeh Wazifa lagatar 11 din karrn Inshallah sugar khatam ho gay gi.

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