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Powerful Tilism of Data Ganj Bakhsh for Fever

tilism for fever Data Ganj Bakhsh


This is a very powerful tilism of Data Ganj Bakhsh for fever.

Fever happens when the body’s inward “thermostat” raises the body temperature over its ordinary level. This”thermostat” is found in a piece of the cerebrum called the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus comprehends what temperature your body ought to be (normally around 98.6°F/37°C) and will send messages to your body to keep it that way.

The vast majority’s body temperatures even change a tiny bit over the span of the day. It’s generally a little lower in the morning and somewhat higher at night and can shift as children circled, play, and work out.

Once in a while, however, the hypothalamus will “reset” the body to a higher temperature in light of a disease, ailment, or some other cause. Why? Specialists think turning up the warmth is the body’s method for battling the germs that cause contamination. And making the body a less agreeable place for them.

Powerful Tilism of Data Ganj Bakhsh for Fever

Print it and fold it as taweez and put around the neck of the patient. Or tie on the right arm. You can use it by the other ways. Write is with saffron and mix in water and make patient drink it for 7 days. Inn shaa Allah fever will go.

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Ye ek bohet hi taqatwar tilism hai Data Ganj Baksh ka her qisam k bukhar k liye, is ko print ker k mareez k galey man pehna den ya sidhey bazu per badh den, is ko dosri terhanm bhi isteymal kersaktey han, zaffarn sey likh ker pani men ghol ker pani mareez ko pilain, 7 din in shaa Allah keysa hi bukhar hoga chala jaye ga,


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