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Make Your Husband or In Laws Love you

Make Your Husband or In Laws Love you


Most of the girls complain that after marriage their in laws do not love her or respect her. Now a days this is a common problem, but I think this is only a perception not real. If girl treats them as she treats her parents or siblings then why some one fight with her!. Any ways if you have real problem and you want that your In Laws Love you then do this wazifa. In shaa Allah they will not only treat you nice but respect you as well. 

Make Your Husband or In Laws Love you

Start This amal from wednesday, take a Ghusul (bath), wear freshly washed cloths. Pray 2 rakat salat with the intention of your hajjat, in each rakat recite Surah Ikhlas after surah Fatiha. After salat stand on prayer met and in standing position recite Darood Ibrahimi 11 times. Then ” Ya Azizu ” 3000 times, and in last recite Darood Ibrahimi 11 times. Do this 3 days.

On 4th day no need to stand after 2 rakat salat, and in sitting position recite ” Ya Azizu” 5000 times. Do this 4 days, mean this wazifa is of total 7 days, and in these 7 day you will recite ” Ya Azizu ” total 29000 times.

In shaa Allah after doing this Make Your Husband or In Laws Love you wazifa. Your in lawa will start loving you and respect you.

Note: Every day wear freshly washed cloth, you can use different cloths.

Stop after 7 days, no need to continue.

If you are expecting menses then dont start this wazifa. Because gap is not allowed in this wazzifa. start is after menses.

Wazifa for Husband


Aksar larkiyan shadi k baad ye shikayet kerti hain k un k susral waley un sey poyar nahi kertey ya izat nahi kertey. Meyrey khiyal men ye aaj kal ki her larki ka masla hai, halankey akser asa nahi hota. Ager larki sural walon ko apney gher walon k terhan treat karey tu koi kiyon larey ga !. Baher hal phir bhi ager aap ki shikyate jaiz hai tu aap Make Your Husband or In Laws Love you wazifa karen. In shaa Allah sab susral waley mohabbat sey paish ayen gaye.

Make Your Husband or In Laws Love you

Is wazifey ko budh k din sey shoro karen, Taza Ghusal ker k naye dholey hoye kaprey pehnen. Phir 2 rakat nafil hajat k parhen, aur jaye namaz per kharey ho ker pehley 11 bar Darood Ibrahimi parhen. Is k baad ” Ya Azizu” 3000 bar parhen, akhir men darood ibrahimi 11 bar parhen, Asa 3 din kerna hai.

4th din kharey na hon bulkey beythey beythey ” Ya Azizu” 5000 bar parhen, aur asa 5 din kerna hai. Matlab 7 din wazifa kerna hai aur in 7 din men ” Ya Azizu 29000 bar pherna hai.


rozana naye dholey hoye kaprey pehnen.

7 din sey zada na karen,

Menses men ye wazifa nahi kerna aur ager aney waley 7 din men menses ka chance hai tu amal shoro na karen. Kiyon k 7 din ka wazifa hai is men gap allow nahi hai. Menses k baad karen.

In shaa Allah Make Your Husband or In Laws Love you wazifa kerney k kuch hi dinon men aap k sural waley aap sey mohabbat kerney lagen gaye.


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