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There are many wazifas present for your marriage according to your own desirefor the facilities of followers to search it so we keep it in one place some rules for performing this wazifa are mentioned below
 Salat 5 times
 Try to prevent from sins
 Every time recite darood
 Always help needy people with donations
 The use of accurate pronunciation in wazifa
 Must read exact amount
 The same place and same is also compulsory

Most Effective Wazifa for Marriage Within 3 days

1 Love Marriage Wazifa
If a person became hurdle in your marriage while girl, boy and parents are agree. The parents have to read Ya Wadudu Ya Lateefu for 1111 times after isha namaz. And boy and girl have to recite Ya Jameeu for 1111 times after isha namaz and then pray. Continue it for 40 days inshAllah your problem will be solved.

2 Surah Taha Love Marriage Wazifa
You first write the ayet of 31 and 32 of Surah Taha on a white page make it fold in form of taweez and hang it with your with arm. After that sit on a clean mate after isha namaz and read darood Ibrahim 11 times and then recite Ya Lateefu for 1100 times. Again recite darood 11 times and do pray for your marriage issue. Perform it for 40 days.

3 Love marriage Wazifa for Girls
Now a days a perfect match become issue specially for girls. If you want a perfect match perform this wazifa. Pray two nafil after magrib namaz then read darood Ibrahim for 11 times and recite Ya Adlu 100 times, 300 or 1000 times. It depends upon you how much time you give to this wazifa after that pray to Allah for perfect match. Continue it for 40 days.

4 Love Marriage Wazifa to Find Nice Groom
If a girl is reach at the gae of marriage but still she do not have her perfect match. She have to read surah taha for 11 times in a day and continue it for 21 days. For best results she have to recite it after fajar namaz. She also has to read darood Ibrahim 11 times before start and after completion.

5 Love Marriage Wazifa for Hurdles in Marriage of Girl
In a condition there are many problems in a girl marriage people ignore her without any cause. She must have do fresh ablution and read surah al mumtahina 5 times in a day. And continue it for 17 days.

3 Days Wazifa to Control Husband

6 Urgent Love Marriage wazifa
When a girl have desire of immediate marriage she have to recite Ya Moutee 11000 times and repeat it for 11 days this wazifa have to started from Thursday.

7 Best Love Marriage wazifa
This is the fantastic wafiza for perfect match of your life partner. First do fresh ablution take a little piece of silk cloth then read surah taha and blow on it fold it to make a taweez and tie in girl’s neck. By the grace of Allah she will got a perfect match partner as she desired.

8 Effective Love Marriage Wazifa after engagement
After your engagement if you have issues in your marriage without any certain causes or a lady or a man do not want to marry with his/her fiancé. Then recite Ya Lateefu Ya Haleemu for 500 times also recite darood ibrahimi 41 times before start and after completion. Continue it for a month.

9 Love Marriage Wazifa if Parents are not agree
In case when a girl and boy feel love for each other and have desire to get married but their parents are not agree for their marriage without any genuine problem in that condition the boy and girl must do this wazifa. Recite darood ibrahimi 11 times then recite Sorah Al Asr 101 times and gain read darood ibrahimi and pray for your issue do this wazifa after Asr namaz. Continue it for 21 days by the grace of Almighty Allah everybody will become agree.

10 100% Working Love Marriage Wazifa
This wazifa is specialized for those who have real love with anyone and do not want to loss him/her at any cost. They have to recite ” bismillah-hir-rahman-nir-raheem ” 786 times also recite darood ibrahimi after and before the start of this wazifa. Perform this wazifa after fajar namaz and pray for your issue. Then recite ” Ya Lateefu Ya Salamu ” 300 times just before sleep. Continue it for 40 days you got your desired partner inshAllah.

11 Love Marriage Wazifa if problems after engagement
After engagement if you have many issues and problems and you feel that this link will be near to end then after fajar namaz read surah yaseen 2 times then read Ya Mueedu 1100 times and pray for your issue with the grace of Allah your all hurdles will be removed within 21 to 40 days.

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