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Job Success Amazing Dua

Job Success Amazing Dua


Every Employee or Worker’s wish(dream) is to get more success in his or her career or in job. But sometime instead of their hard working, they cannot get upper position. It reason may be, that his or her boss dislike him or any other person may be star of his or her boss. He/she may face any other problem. If you are also stuck in your job or facing any problem like this. Follow this Job Success Amazing Dua In Shaa Allah you will get success. And with the blessing of Allah this dua will bring all people close to you and even whole world people will like you.

Job Success Amazing Dua

For Success In Job Amazing Dua

Our Holy Prophet(SAW) give us this dua as a gift in a Hadees:
Once a Sahab-E-Rasool(saw) come to prophet(SAW) and told him. Ya Mohammad(SAW) no body in this world like me, because I m very poor. Kindly, help me. Prophet (SAW) said, do you not remember ANGLES dua(wazeefa) that is given to whole world for food and wealth. Just recite these words in your Fajar prayer in between Sunnah & Faraz with 11 times Daroode Ibrahimi before and after. And you will see with the barakats of this dua whole world will come to you. All people like you and wealth will be countless.

Then Sahabi(RA) told: within 7 days by reciting this dua i became rich. Money comes to me in a large amount even I have no place to store it.

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Agar apka khab hy k ap apni nokri main bohot taraqi kren aur apni pasand ki post hasil kren, Apki tankha bhi zyada ho aur bohot c aur sahuliyat bhi milen. Magar din rat ki bohot mehnat k bawajood aesa nhi hy to iski kai wajoohat ho sakti hen. Jesa k apka boss apko pasand na krta ho. Ya ksi aur ne uski nazar main apni achi jaga bana rakhi ho. koi bhi aur waja hosakti hai tu pershan na hon sirf ye Job Success Amazing Dua wazeefa kren.

Job Success Amazing Dua

Ye dua Hazoor(SAW) ne ek Sahabi (RA) ko sikhai thi. Awalo akhir Darood 11, 11 bar  E Ibrahimi k sath oper di gai ayet ko 100 bar parhen. InShaAllah apko taraqi bhi mile gi aur sab log apko pasand kren gy. Apki taraf ayen gy. Ye amal Fajar ki nimaz main Sunnat aur Farzon k darmyan main krna hy, kuch dino k ander hi ap tabdilli mehsoos kren gy.

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I am Hanfi, people call me Bhai Hanfi, a Muslim Spiritual Healer of Pakistan. I am an author, educator, and spiritual guide provider for millions of people throughout the world.
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