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Four Things That Influence Your Health and Rizq

Four Things That Influence Your Health

To keep you healthy develop an understanding of these basic principles. Which is called Four Things That Influence Your Health.

Health can best be described as an optimum state of physical, mental and social well-being, with the emphasis on optimum. Since health results from healthful living, the only way we can hope to achieve this optimum state of well-being – our personal health potential – is through ongoing conscious effort.

We must provide our bodies with all of the requirements of health. At the same time, we must avoid, or at least minimize, the things that can compromise health-environmental stress and our own destructive behaviors. Following is a list of Four Things That Influence Your Health.

1) Four Things That Influence Your Health 

These 4 things are as follows:

  • Over talking
  • Excessive sleeping
  • Over eating
  • Meetings with others too much

2)Four things that harm the body:

These are as follows:

  • Worrying
  • Sadness (sorrow)
  • Hunger
  • Late night sleeping

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3) Four things that take away the nur & happiness from your face:

  • Lying
  • Being disrespectful/impudent(insisting on something wrong knowingly)
  • Arguing without  adequate knoweldge & information.
  • Excessive immorality (doing something wronge without fear)

4) Four things that increase the noor of face & its happiness:

  • Piety
  • Loyalty
  • Generousity(eing kind)
  • To be helpful to others without asking for that.

5) Four things that stop the Rizq (Sustenance) :

  • Sleeping in the morning (from fajar to sunrise)
  • Not performing nimaz or irregular in prayers.
  • Laziness/Idleness
  • Treachery/Dishonesty

6) Four things that bring / increase the Rizq:

  • Staying up in the night for prayer
  • Excessive Repentance
  • Regular charity
  • Zikar(Remembrance of Allah)

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I am Hanfi, people call me Bhai Hanfi, a Muslim Spiritual Healer of Pakistan. I am an author, educator, and spiritual guide provider for millions of people throughout the world.
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