FAQ in English:

Before asking question please read FAQ carefully so that we can help you solve your problems timely. We get thousands of emails daily and if you avoid following points then we can serve you all better and timely. we will not reply to such questions.

1. Don’t ask same Question again and again, We get thousands of emails, we will reply at your turn.

2. Dont ask “Will this wazifa or taweez work?”, this is the most common Question people ask us, We do istikhara then we provide any wazifa or taweez so why does it will not work ?

3. Dont ask ” Should we recite darood?”, We provide complete wazifa, if darood is not mentioned it means no darood reciting.

4. Dont use Father name if Mother name is unknown, use

5. No Wazifa is allowed in menses, count the days and comlete it after menses

6. If wazifa is less then 21 days then gap is not allowed, no matter it is due to menses or any other reason, has to start again if even one day gap happened.

7. Can go to wash room while wearing taweez,

8. Dont ask “Can we read this wazifa in different time”, Do the wazifa as it is told.

9. Dont do 2 wazifa for same problem at the same time, Do one wazaif for one problem at a time.

10.Dont change time or place of the wazifa/a,amal, Complete Wazifa/Amal at the same place at the same time.

11. Taweez can be use in Periods.

12. Take off taweez while taking a bath.

13. Dont tell any one about your wazifa, that what are you reading and for what. If you tell it will not effect.

14. Do not Ask Future Question, Because only Allah knows about the future

Types of Taweez and When to Write a Taweez

FAQ in Urdu:

Koi bhi sawal kerney sey pehley darja zel bataen pher len ta k aap logon ko time per reply kia jasakey, kiyon k hamey 2, 4 hazar mails daily aati hain jin main sey kafi sari mails main ye batain pochi jati hai atu time waste hota hai.

1. Ek hi sawal bar bar mat pochen, aap ki bari per aap ki email ka jawab zaror diya jaye ga,

2. “Meyra kaam hojaye ga na”, ” Ye Wazifa kerney sey kaam hojaye ga na”, is qisam k sawal na pochen kiyon k jo bhi wazifa dia jata hai wo istikhara ker k diya jata hai.

3. “Kia Darood pherna hai awal o akhir”, Ager darood pherna hoga tu wazifey k sath hi bata diya jaye ga ager bagher darood k sirf wazifa likha ho tu zahir hai darood nahi pherna.

4. Ager maa ka name nahi maloom tu maa k name ki jaga “Hawa” use karen, baap ka name, nahi chaley ga.

5. Menses (Haiz)( main koi wazifa nahi pher saktey, naghey k din baad men porey karen.

6. Ager wazifa 21 din sey kam ka hai tu us main gap nahi ana chahiye chahye menses ki wajhey sey ho, ager ek din ka bhi gap aya tu wazifa again shoro kerna hoga.

7. Taweez k sdath washroom ja saktey han.

8. “Kia ye wzifa 2, 3 din men phersaktey han”,aksr log barey wazaif k barey men ye sawal kertey han yaad rakhen Jo wazifa jeysey batya gaya hai usey weysey hi pherna hia.

9. Ek kaam k liyeek waqat men ek wazifa kia jata hai, EK kaam k liye 2 wazxaif na karen.

10. Wazifa/Amal ki jaga aur time ek hi rakhen, change na karen.

11. Periods men taweez pahen saktey han.

12. Nahatey hoye taweez utar saktey han.

13. Wazifey k barey men kisi ko nahi batana k kon sa wazifa hai aur kis liye, ager batya tu acr chaley jata hai.

14. Mustaqbil k barey men sirf Allah ko pata hai, is liye mustaqbil k barey men sawal mat Karen.

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Bhai Hanfi

I am Hanfi, people call me Bhai Hanfi, a Muslim Spiritual Healer of Pakistan. I am an author, educator, and spiritual guide provider for millions of people throughout the world.
By the Grace of Almighty Allah hundreds of people getting spiritual healing and cure of BLACK MAGIC (KALA JADU, SIFLI), EVIL EYE (NAZAR-E-BAD), DEMON’S EFFECTS (ASAIB), ASTRAL BODY ATTACKS (HAMZAAD), MENTAL PHYSICAL DISEASE every month through the different alternative methods, like Recitation (wazaifs), Talisman (Taweezaat) and other methodologies to the people of different race and religion.

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