Marriage Wazifa

Most Effective Wazifa for Marriage Within 3 days

Wazifa for Marriage


This wazifa is specialized for that person who does not have much time for wazifas. This consists of only 3 days who can perform this wazifa with full devotions this will help like bullet. The vital condition to perform this wazifa is that this can be done either a single person or a group of only 3 persons. This wazifa is not allowed to perform by 2 persons or more than 3 persons. If single person perform it this will be completed in almost 5 hours. It seems to be lengthy wazifa. Yes it is a lengthy wazifa for marriage but you have to do it only for 3 days. You can take help of your relatives, friends, brother or sisters to recite it.  If 3 people perform it will complete in 3 hours. There procedure mentioned below:

Wazifa for Marriage:

For better result you can intiate this wazifa at the night between Wednesday and Thursday. With fresh ablution you please sit on a clean place. First recite darood Ibrahim 21 times. if 3 person perform then each one recite darood 21 times. Aafter that recite “Ya Qayumu” 21000 times  and 3 people divide it as such the total quantity remain 21000. After completion again recites darood 21 times after that pray only one person for marriage the other two just raise their hands. After pray again recite darood Ibrahim and repeat this for 3 days.

Wazifa to Make Someone Come Back


Aj kal k es nazak dour mein kisi bhi adami k pass ziada waqat ni hota keh woh kisi maqsad ko pany k liye koi lamby amal ya wazifa kary. ab sirf 3 din k wazify sy app shadi shuda ho saktay hein. es wazify mein sirf aik bat ka khial rakhna hai keh yeh wazifa sirf 1 akela insan karta hi ya phir 3 log mil kr yeh wazifa kar sakty hein. khial rahy keh 2 ya phir 3 sy ziada log yeh wazifa ni kar sakth.
Wazifa ka tariqa kar khuch es tarah hai

Wazifa for Marriage:

Budh wala din guzar jay or rat a jay tu yeh mouzoun tareen waqat hai wazifa ka ba wazo ho ke saf suthri jagh per beth kar 21 bar darood ibrahami parheen, or agar 3 log yeh wazifa phr rahy hein tu har koi 21 bar darood ibrahmi parhy ga. Phir 21000 bar “Ya Qayumu” ka warid kareen or agar 3 log hein tu phir mill kar 21000 pura karna hai. Phir dua karen or agar 3 log ehin tu aik dua karey or baqi hath utha rakhen gay. dua k bad phir 21 bar darood ibrahami parhen. wazifa ki kamyabi k liye 3 din lagatar wazifa karna zaroori hai.

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