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Dua to Cure Fits ka Wazifa

Dua to Cure Fits ka Wazifa



Fits means when any body have any disease therefore some time this disease is very dangers that soddenly person are ill, And loss her conscious. Dua to Cure Fits is for those kind of people. When person ill he will tired because disorder not live person any work. Four Things That Influence Your Health and Rizq

When any body are  fits so for this just not patient are worried also his/ her family member so much worried  they should use Dua to Cure Fits. Any fits , any type is not good. Some fits are due to tension . Peoples find the patient is mental . Peoples says his mental level in not right. Incurable Disease Wazifa Cancer Diabetes

Some time patient go to in mental hospital and let the mental shock. When patient not get cur of this disease, they will hopeless live the hope of life. Some time patient wish for die. If you Or your knowing peoples are in this situation and after treatment not get cure then do this Dua to Cure Fits. So you should do this verses and run out of this disease. Anjeer Figs Increase Sexual Stamina

Dua to Cure Fits

Get some pot and write above ayet with saffron , then wash this pot with clean water , This water let the patient and drink the patient . This verse do , when you getting a cure. 99 Names of Allah Ya Haleemu Wazifa



Doary parnay say muraad hai kay jab koi insane kisi bemari may mubtalaa hota hai to kabi kbaar woo bemari uss ko is kadaar gair lati hai kay achank woo insane bemaar ho jataa hai. Aur apny hosho hawas may nahi rehta. Insane jab bemar hota hai to woo bemari say bohat tang aa jataa hai. Ku kay bemari insane ko kisi kam kay like nahi shorti. Dua to Cure Fits asey hi logon kliye hai jin ko dorey pertey hon.

Jab be kisi marezz ko doraa parta hai to uss kay leay too jo preshani hoti hai uss kay sath sath uss kay gar waly be bohat preshan hotey han. Doraa koi be ho kasaa be ho achaa nahi hotaa. Kuch doray tension kee wajaa say be party han. Jis insane ko doraa partaa hai loge usay pagle samjny lgty han. Loge samjty han kay iss kaa zyhni twazaan thek nahi hai.

Aur kabi kisi situation may marezz ko mental hospital byj kay mental shok wagyraa be dey jaty han. Jis insane ko koi doraa partaa hai woo jab bohat zaydaa bemari say tang aa jay to pher woo jinay kee umeed shor dyta hai. Jab bohat zayadaa insane thaak jay apni bemari say to pher woo marny kee bee khwaish karta hai. Agar app ko yaa app kay kisi jannay waly ko kisi bemari kaa koi doraa partaa hai aur bohat ilaaj kay bade naumeed ho chukay han too ye amaal kar kay har trha kee bemari kay doray say jan shurway.

Dua to Cure Fits

Chini kee plate par zafraan kee madaad say upar dee gai ayaat ko likhy. Pher is bartan ko saaf pani say doay aur woo pani mareez ko pilaa day inshaallah araam aa jay ga. Ye amaal araam any tak karna hai .


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I am Hanfi, people call me Bhai Hanfi, a Muslim Spiritual Healer of Pakistan. I am an author, educator, and spiritual guide provider for millions of people throughout the world.
By the Grace of Almighty Allah hundreds of people getting spiritual healing and cure of BLACK MAGIC (KALA JADU, SIFLI), EVIL EYE (NAZAR-E-BAD), DEMON’S EFFECTS (ASAIB), ASTRAL BODY ATTACKS (HAMZAAD), MENTAL PHYSICAL DISEASE every month through the different alternative methods, like Recitation (wazaifs), Talisman (Taweezaat) and other methodologies to the people of different race and religion.

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