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Dua on Wedding Night for Groom

dua on wedding night for groom

Dua on Wedding Night for Groom in English:

Wedding is the beginning of a new life, and it is the most important and precious event for a couple. It is narrated from the Prophet (S): “The doors of Heaven to mercy will be opened in four situations: when it rains; when a child looks kindly at his parent’s face; when the door of the Kabah is opened; and when marriage (occurs).”

It is clearly indicated by this above hadees, the concept of marriage in Islam is so valued and sacred. That the doors of Allāh (SwT)’s mercy are open on this occasion. It is also important to note that marriage secures a large portion of one’s faith and protects it from the evil of Satan.

Narrated by the Prophet (S): “There is not a single young person that gets married during his youth, except that his Satan cries out that ‘Woe onto him, woe onto him, he has protected two thirds of his faith from me’; therefore, mankind must have taqwā (God-Conciousness) in Allāh (SwT) to protect the remaining one third of his faith.”

So we should try to do the following amaal at this night.
Do Ablution (Wadu) and try to keep in wadu as much as possible at this night. Begin by praising Allāh (SwT), then say Allāhu Akbar (أللهُ أكَبر), followed by a Ŝalawāt (أللهم صلى على محمّد و آل محمّد)Also recite two Rakat salat, with the intention to thanks Allah. Also  if at this time Groom recite the following dua. In shaa Allah their matrimonial life will become full of joy and happiness.


Dua on Wedding Night for Groom in Urdu:

Shadi ek larkey aur larki k liye bohet ham mor hota hai zindagi men. Zindagi ki ek nai shoraat hoti hai . Hadees men ata hai k Allah apni khan rehmat k derwazey 4 bar kholtey han. Jab barish ho, Ulad jab walden ki tarf mohabbat ki nazar sey deykhey. Jab kaba ka derwaza kholta hai. aur Jab shadi hoti hai.

Ab aap khud andaza laga len k shadi kitni aham cheez hai. aur ager is aham moqey per dulah ye dua phr ley tu.  In shaa Allah aney wali zindagi hkoshiyon sey bhrpor hogi aur Allah ki rehmat sath hogi.

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