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Dua Noah for Safety During Traveling

wazofa for safe journey Dua Noah


And Noah said: `Come ye to it with the name of Allah at the time of sailing and berthing. `Indeed, my Lord is Forgiving, Merciful. (QS. (11): Hud, verse 41)

In this verse explained that Noah told people who believe in him, to come up into the ark with the name of Allah. At the time of sailing and berthing. Since all the power is in the hands of Him Who can do at will. Set the Sunnah of His in accordance with the will of God. His being their safety at the crucial moment it is only under the authority of him in his aegis and patronage. According to a hadith:

Dua Noah

أنه عليه السلام إذا أراد أن يجريها يقول: بسم الله, فتجري وإذا أن يرسيها قال: بسم الله, فترسو

This means:
When Noah going to sail it reads (bismillah) then sail the ark. And if he wants he anchored reading (bismillah) then the ship that was anchored. (HR Ad Dahhak)

The scholars stated this verse shows that reading is an Islamic bismillah when to leave and stop for every person who climbed all kinds of vehicles in accordance with the hadith:

قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: أمان لأمتي من الغرق إذا ركبوا الفلك أن يقولوا: بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم, بسم الله مجريها ومرساها إنه لغفور رحيم

This means:
Said the Prophet .: “My community will be safe (no sink) when they boarded the ark that read” bismillahil malikirrahmanirrahim, Bismillahi majreha wa mursaha innahu lagafururrahim. ” (Reported by At Tabarani from Ali)

Hereinafter in this paragraph is provided that Noah stated: “Indeed, my Lord is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” This remark besides containing gratitude, showed that he and his followers who believe can be separated from the danger of the storm is a grace gift of God which is so extensive that does not destroy his servant only because of his sins except the sin of infidelity.

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Dua Noah

Ye Dua Hazrat Noah alah salam sey manqool hai, kisi bhi safar men janey sey pehley ye dua 3 bar phr len in shaa Allah safar men koi mushkil , pareyshani nahi hogi, aur khair o afiyet k sath wapsi hogi,


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