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Darde Zeh ka Taweez Labor Pain and Delivery

Especially at the time of delivery they feel so much pain. Darde Zeh ka Taweez Labor Pain and Delivery is for that time. Also it is advised


Pregnancy is the most beautiful event in the life of any woman. Becoming mother is something very amazing time, a life delivers a life. It required a good health and a good diet. But now a days most of the girls keep doing dieting to look smart as models. This makes them week and some other health issue occurs. Because if models do dieting they take juices or other supplements to remain healthy internally. So the girls who do dieting when become pregnant they get some health issues. Especially at the time of delivery they feel so much pain. Darde Zeh ka Taweez Labor Pain and Delivery is for that time. Also it is advised to girls that they should not do dieting. They should do exercise to become smart and slim. This is will make them more enigmatic and healthy and also smart and good looking.  For babay boy do this wazifa Ulad e Narina ka Wazifa for Baby Boy.

Darde Zeh ka Taweez Labor Pain and Delivery

When its time of delivery and labor pains starts. Do wadu and write these ayets on a white blank paper with normal pern. Then fold it in a neat a clean white color cloth  and tie on the right thigh of the woman.

In shaa Allah after using this Darde Zeh ka Taweez Labor Pain and Delivery. Labor pains will vanish and she deliver easily. For all type of child problem use this taweez Bachay Ki Her Bimari ka Taweez for Any Child Illness.


Kisi bhi aurat ki zindagi men hamla hona ek bohet hi khobsorat lamha hota hai. Maa banney ka khiyal bohet hi farhat bakhsh hota hai, ek zindagi ek zindagi ko janam deyteyti hai. Sahetmand ulad k janam k liye aurat ko khud sahetmand hona zarori hai. Lakin aaj kal ki khjawateen shadi sey pehley dieting shoro kerdeyti hain. Takey aur models ki terhan slim aur smart hojain. Lakin models dieting k sath sath juices or dosrey supplements use kerti hain ta k sahatmand rahen. Jab k normal khawateen sirf dieting kerti hain jo unhey ander sey kamzoor kerdeyti hai. Aur phir shadi k baad khas tor per hamal ki sorat men mukhtalif takaleef ka shikar hojati hain. Darde Zeh ka Taweez Labor Pain and Delivery asi hi khawateen k liye hai. Is k sath sath ager khawateen shadi sey pehley aur baad men bhi exercise karen tu ye un k liye behter hai. Is sey wo sahetmand bhi rahengi aur slim and smart bhi rahen gi. Ager bacha doodh na pita ho tu ye wazifa karen Wazifa Bacha Doodh Nahi Pita, Infant not Taking Milk.

Darde Zeh ka Taweez Labor Pain and Delivery

Jab bachey ki paidaish ka time hojaye aur dard zeh shoro hojain. Wazu ker k ek sada kaghaz per aam pen sey oper di gai ayet likhen. Phir isey kisi paak saaf kaprey men bandh ker hamal k sidhey raan per bandh den.

In shaa Allah is Darde Zeh ka Taweez Labor Pain and Delivery k bandhney k foran baad. Dard khatamn hojaye ga aur bacha asani sey paida hoga. Hamal ki hafazt aur miscarriage sey bvachey k liye ye amal karen Wazifa for Save Pregnancy, Avoid Miscarriage

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