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Bukhar ka Taweez for Any Type of Fever

bukhar ka taweez


Fever Is a condition of high fever or a high temperature. Fever is not by itself an illness or disease. It’s usually a sign of an underlying condition, most often an infection. In any fever type you can use this Bukhar ka Taweez.

Fever is generally linked with physical uneasiness, and most people feel in good health when a fever is treated. But depending on your age, physical condition, and the underlying cause of your fever, you may or may not need medical treatment for the fever alone. Numerous experts consider that fever is a normal bodily protection against infection. There are also many non-infectious causes of fever.

Fever is usually not measured hazardous, but hyperthermia can basis hazardous rises in body temperature. This can be due to an tremendous temperature linked with heat injury such as heat stroke, side effects of certain medications or prohibited drugs, and stroke. With hyperthermia, the body is no longer capable to organize body temperature.

Bukhar ka Taweez

In any type of fever print this naqsh or write it on a blank paper with normal pen. Then fold it as taweez and wear it in neck. In shaa Alla fever will go away.

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Bukhar khud koi bimari nahi hoti lakin ye kisi na kisi bimari ki alamat hoti hai. Kisi bhi qisma k bukhar k liye ye Bukhar ka Taweez bohet mujarib hai.

Bukhar honey ki bohet sari wajohat hosakti hain jeysey galey ka dukhna. Garmi zada lag jana. Koi infection hojana. Mosam ki tabdili bhi bukhar ki waja hosakti hai. Tu Bukhar ko khatam kerney k liye us ki waja ko khatm kerna zaori hota hai. Bukhar ki halat men jism men dard hota hai, khaney piney ko dil nahi kerta. Koi kaam kerney ko ji nahi chahta. Misaj chir chira hojata hai. Tu asey mareezon k liye Bukhar ka Taweez bohet zabardast kaam kerta hai.

Bukhar ka Taweez

Is taweez ko print ker k ya kisi sada kaghaz per normal pen sey likh ker. Taweez bana ker mareez k galkey men dal den, In shaa Allah Bukhar utar jaye ga.

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