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Best Dua for Success in Job

Dua for Success in Job


Everybody has wished to become successful person either in his job or in future. Therefore he wants to take reasonable pay and other fringe benefits. Sometime a person do their best in his job work hard as he can do but with all. He is fail to get his desire outcome it is possible. Due to that his officer become not satisfied from his work or anyone else become hero in boss eyes.

Many other issues can also exist, if you are in job but did not get any success. Then for your netter achievement do this Dua for Success in Job. You will see that you are not only become a successful person in job the other people become your followers. This is a dua which is specified by PROPHET SALLALLAH ALAIHE WASALLAM.

Hadees Sharif in which this Dua is given. “One day a Sahabi Radi ALLAH Anho came to PROPHET SALLALLAH ALAIHE WASALLAM. And told him, that YA RASULALLAH i am very pitiable and humanity do not understand me good, please help me in this issue. The PROPHET SALLALLAH ALAIHE WASALLAM said to him that you do not remember about the dua of Angels due to barakh of this dua all the people helps you with money and food.  You initiate this dua between 2 sunnat and 2 faraz of fajar namaz. The sahabi explain that after reading this dua for 7 days. He was surprised to see that the amount of wealth and things become enough and I do not have place to safe it.

Method Best Dua for Success in Job

Recite the above said dua between 2 sunnat and 2 faraz of fajar namaz 100 times. And recite darood ibrahim also before and at the end of this wazifa.

subhan allahi wa bihamdihi subhanallahil azheem astaghfirullah

Wazifa to Transfer Your Job Position Location


Nokri milna hi aik mojza sy kam ni aor agar nokri ho phir khahishat bhi hoti hein. jesy keh nokri mein jaldi sy tarqi ho boss app k kam sy khush ho. Tariqi sy app ki salary bhi barh jati hai aor bahout sari na pori hony wali hajhat ko bhi pora kiya ja sakta hai. Aor phir ghar ko bhi achy tareky sy chalya ja sakta hi. Aor agar nokri bhi ho gharalu halat bhi theek na houn. Boss bhi app sy nakhush ho tu zindgi by mani si lagti hi. Pershan na houn es ka bhi hall hai woh es tarah keh hamary NABIE KAREN SALLALLAH ALAIHE WASALLAM ny aik bar aik sahabi ko yehi dua sikhai thi app bhi esi dua ko kiaya Karen,

Best Dua for Success in Job

tariqa khuch youn hai keh fajar ki nimaz mein sunnat aor faraz k darmyan mein 100 bar oper di gai dua parheen, awal or akhar mein 11,11 bar darood ibrahami parheen. Inshallah dekhty hi dekhty app apny maqsad mein kamyab ho jayen gay.


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