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Anjeer Figs Increase Sexual Stamina

Anjeer jinsi amraz k liye


The Anjeer Figs or Figs also have  medicated advantage, It can be used as a cure for many types of diseases. For constipation, Cough, piles, diabetes, indigestion, asthma,bronchitis and against Sexual dysfunction. It is also a way to get back One’s Lost energy in case of any illness. These Figs are mostly found in Westarn Asia, It is a seasonal natural product of such countries. Its tree belongs to a Mulberry family. And its dried form can be used for whole year.  Naturally Figs contains minerals, Many types of vitamins & Fibers also. These contains a very large amount of increments like calcium, press, phosphoras, Vitamin A, VitaminB1, vitamin B2, sodium, potassiam, chlorine and manganese.

Some advantages of Anjeer Figs are as follows:

  • Use it for the pain of throat.
  • It prevent Macular Degeneration.
  • For the loss of urinary calcium.
  • It make bones strong.
  • Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction.
  • Cure for venereal disease.
  • Protect You from Hypertention.
  • Useful for Diebatic patients.
  • It fight against Post-Menopausal breast cancer.
  • Useful for colon cancer.
  • Can be used for coronary Heart Disease.
  • Keep cholesterol level low.
  • Control weight.
  • Prevent from constipation disease.                                                                        In order to increase sexual power and time in a Men use Anjeer Figs in a following way:

Ingredients(According to a remedy):

1)Salab Misri = 125 Gram

2)Salab Panja= 125 Gram

3)Tukham Rehan= 125 Gram

4)Musli Safed = 125 Gram

Make powder by grinding all these things. Take half litter milk and put 1 teaspoon of this powder in this milk and boil it on low fire until it remains 1/3.   Then mix 1 table spoon of honey in it.And drink it every night before you go to sleep. At the same time put 2 Anjeers in a Glass of water and eat these Anjeers  early in  morning. Do this act for 1 month. It is only For Married Mens.

Wazifa to Increase Sex Desire in Female

Wazifa for Sexual Problems Made by Magic


  • Anjeer k bohot say tibi faide bhi hen, Ye Bawaseer, Suger, Hazma, Qabaz, Khansi, Dama aur Jinsi bemari k lye bohot faidamand hy. Is k istemal se koi bhi mareez ksi bhi bemari main mubtala raha ho apni khoi hui taqat ko wapis la sakta hy. Ye Asai mumalik main paya jane wala mosmi phal hy lekin khushk kar k isko pura sal istemal kiya ja sakta hy.Is main bohot se anasir paye jate hen jese k Minarals, VitaminA, VitaminB1, vitaminB2, Fiber, Phosphorus, Press, Potassium, Cholorine, Calcium aur Manganese. Anjeer k bohot se Faide hen un main se kuch ye hen: Ye Quwat E Baah aur time barhane k lye bohot mufeed hy.
  • Gale k Dard K lye.
  • Macular Degeneration ki prevention k lye.
  • Urinary calcium k loss se bachata hy.
  • Hadion ki mazbooti k lye.
  • Vineral ki bemari k lyr.
  • Jinsi Amraz k lye.
  • Bronchitis k lye.
  • Hypertention main mufeed hy.
  • Breast cancer k ilaj k lye.
  • Suger ko control krne k lye. Quwat E baah ko barhane k lye nechee btaya gye Nuskhe ko istemal kren.

4 Ajza:

1)Salab Misri=10 Tola

2)Salab Panja=10 Tola

3)Takham Rehan=10 Tola

4)Misli Safed = 10 Tola

In sab cheezon ka powder bana len bareek pees kar. Adha litter doodh len aur halki anch par ubal len jab ye tessra hissa reh jae to utar k is m 1 chae ka chamach ye peesa hua powder milayen, aur 1 chamach shehad dal kar mix kren. Rozana rat ko ye piyen 1 maheene tak lgatar. Is k sath hi 2 Anjeer 1 glass pani main rat ko rakh den, aur sbha khali pait kha len. Ye Nuskha sirif Shadi Shuda mardon k lye hy.

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